The destructive path of addiction- The secrets of living with passion and purpose

This is a high energy, true story about three promising kids who lived completely different lives governed by their addictions, and how it stunted their infinite potential of living a productive and fulfilling life.  In this engaging story you will hear firsthand the effects of drugs and the absolute devastation it leaves in its path.  After nearly dying in the emergency room, wasting away in the hospital ICU for four months, and eventually coming out as an amputee, I will teach you the lessons I’ve learned and the benefits of living with purpose and passion.  I will share with you how to become unstoppable and accomplish your wildest dreams.  Everyone has a unique gift and it is just waiting to be unleashed!

Insecurities: Everybody’s got them. How to live with unstoppable confidence

A funny, light-hearted way to look at the imperfections of yourself, and how to give them an empowering meaning.  Everyone is their own worst critic, and breaking free of that is empowering. If you can take your biggest weakness and turn it into your strongest asset, you are unstoppable.  How to own it!  Confidence is attractive.  Confidence is empowering.  And confidence is effective.  In this talk you will learn how to own all your weaknesses and insecurities and showcase your strengths to outshine anything holding you back.  The secret of being the best YOU, you can be!

The secret of success is taking action: Fail fast, Fail often, Fail forward

The fear of failure has prevented more people from succeeding then anything else in history.  Everyone fails.  Make failure your best friend.  By shifting your paradigm of failure from losing to learning you become detached from the result, and this is where true growth and success occurs.  By taking-action regardless of outcome you either succeed in your goal or learn something invaluable in the process.  The best lessons and nuggets of knowledge are learned from experience.  Here we are going to learn how to take action when your nervous and afraid to do so.  How taking-action is the only right decision to make.  How taking-action is going to be the number one success tool in creating the future you desire. And how being an action taker will make your life great in every area.  By taking action you won’t be looking back at your life 50 years now with regret wishing you’ve done the things you always wanted to.  You will be looking back thinking, what a crazy, wild, exciting life I lived and I wouldn’t change a thing!