Drug interventions

A drug intervention is the first step from breaking free of an addict’s manipulation and taking back control. Up until this point the addict has manipulated his way into always having the upper hand and positioning himself exactly where he wants to be to comfortably use and get high.  By staging a professional intervention by a True Warrior certified interventionist, you are now stripping away their control and giving them an ultimatum.  They can either take the professional help being given to them and be put in the best possible program for their needs and sobriety, or they can be completely on their own and no longer supported in any way.  By putting this responsibility in a professional’s hands they will no longer have the opportunity to manipulate you into guilt or convince you to enable them. It is now out of your hands and we are the ones responsible.   We are the authority figure in the room.  We will use all possible leverage we can to guide them on making the decision to admit themselves in a program.  Our resources are vast and spread across the whole nation.  We have relationships with all the best facilities and can place your loved one in the best possible program for their success.  We can provide case management, follow up treatments, and different coaching packages for the family of the addict, and for the client in recovery.  Sobriety treatment does not end after going away to a program, its merely the first step to getting their head clear and open to suggestion.  Follow-up and aftercare is vital to any recovery.  Let us help you set up your loved one and your family for success.  Can be customized to fit all needs.