Recovery Warrior Training

A physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual overhaul to rewire your brain and life for success   Unleashing your fullest potential and getting you into peak state for optimal performance.  Aligning your skills, passions, and purpose to work in congruence with each other so you can live a life full of happiness and fulfillment.  Filling the void you once used addiction to fill and replacing it with more empowering habits, hobbies, and coping mechanisms. Clearing up any areas of your life that have been bogging you down or  are in utter chaos due to your past addictions.   Finally freeing you from the slavery of addiction and allowing you to live your best life.  The possibilities are endless.  Take control of your life now!

Family Recovery Coaching

Family is one of the most important aspects of a person’s recovery and is widely over-looked.  Creating a positive, productive, supportive space for recovery is vital for an addict and that starts with the family.   Whether dealing with a an active addict or someone In recovery, family recovery coaching helps a spouse, a partner, or a loved one avoid the mental obsession that plagues so many families affected by addiction. It helps you learn to lead sane and productive lives while not enabling the person in recovery or the addict to use again or make the situation worse.

True Warrior Coaching

The ultimate coaching program to unleash your true warrior.  Learn to overcome any obstacle in your path and move with absolute certainty and confidence in everything that you do.  Finding the inner strength that you never knew you possessed and transmuting it into absolute success.  Learning to live abundantly and live with fulfillment in every area of your life.  Aligning your best skills, deepest passions, and inner purpose to live the life you always dreamed of.  Focusing on exponentially increasing your strengths while simultaneously eliminating your weaknesses.  Becoming an unstoppable force physically, mentally, and emotionally. Unlocking all your hidden potential.  After this program, your life will never be the same!